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Cumulative Descending distribution

Format: CumulD(min, max, {x}, {P})


This is another form of the cumulative ascending distribution but here the list of cumulative probabilities are the probabilities of being greater than or equal to their corresponding x-values, sometimes known as survival probabilities.

Examples of the Cumulative descending distribution is given below:

Uses and equations

See Cumulative Ascending distribution

ModelRisk functions added to Microsoft Excel for the Cumulative Descending distribution

VoseCumulD generates random values from this distribution for Monte Carlo simulation, or calculates a percentile if used with a U parameter.

VoseCumulDObject constructs a distribution object for this distribution.

VoseCumulDProb returns the probability density or cumulative distribution function for this distribution.

VoseCumulDProb10 returns the log10 of the probability density or cumulative distribution function. 

VoseCumulDFit generates values from this distribution fitted to data, or calculates a percentile from the fitted distribution.

VoseCumulDFitObject constructs a distribution object of this distribution fitted to data.

VoseCumulDFitP returns the parameters of this distribution fitted to data.


Cumulative Descending distribution equations

See the Cumulative ascending distribution equations and replace {P} with {1-P}.