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Output/Input Window

The Output/Input interface can be accesses from the Excel 2007 ribbon by clicking:


Or in Excel 2003 by clicking this icon on the ModelRisk toolbar:

The interface looks as follow:

Target cell(s) Location

Defines the cell that is to be labeled. By default this lists the location of the active Excel cell or cells prior to clicking the Output/Input icon. This can be changed by clicking on the ‘Select from Excel’ icon.


Insert a name for a single target cell, or a set of names for an array of target cells. Typically, names are defined by making reference to labels within Excel using the ‘Select from Excel’ icon.

Range Name

If a range of cells has been defined in the Target cell(s) Location field, then it is useful to be able to assign a name to the entire series (e.g. yearly sales, combined with Names like {2010,2011,…})

Position in Range

Normally not used. One can manually define an array by marking each cell separately, assigning the same Range Name and, in this field, stating the position of the cell (e.g. 1,2,3,…) relative to others in the same range.


The user selects whether the cell should be an output or an input. The cell, or range of cells, will be displayed in either the Outputs or Inputs section of the ModelRisk Results Reader.


The following screens show how outputs were created for this Example model .

The following screens show how an output can be created.


which adds the Output labeling function:


to Cell E25.

which adds the Input labeling function:




to Cells E8:E23.




which adds the Input labeling function:

VoseInput("Period 1",,"Costs",1)+

VoseInput("Period 2",,"Costs",2)+

to Cells J6, L6, J8 and L8.

Together, these give the following Outputs and Inputs listing in the Results Viewer:


And the two series can be plotted in Trend plots, as follows: