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See also: VoseMarkovMatrix, Markov Chain models

VoseMarkovSample({Start Vector}, {Transition Matrix}, Number of Periods T)




Simulates the number of individuals there will be in each state of a Markov chain process after T periods.

  • {Start Vector} - a 1 x n array of the number of individuals in each state.

  • {Transition Matrix} - a n x n transition probability matrix for a single period.

  • Number of Periods T - The number of periods.

ModelRisk allows non-integer values for the number of periods T. However, if the number of periods is non-integer, the transition matrix must be positive semi-definite. ModelRisk checks this during calculation and returns an appropriate error message.

To calculate the transition matrix for T periods, use the VoseMarkovMatrix function.

For a more in-depth explanation about Markov Chain models, see Markov Chain models.