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VoseSimStop(LogicalTestValue, Name)


This function is used to stop a simulation run once a specified condition has been met.


  • LogicalTestValue  -  the Logical test, must refer to a cell or a formula returning TRUE or FALSE

  • Name  -   the name of the Stop condition. Optional, used to help identify why the simulation stopped.


Method of use

The VoseSimStop function has its own button on the ModelRisk Ribbon: which switches the functionality on/off.

The existence of a VoseSimStop function within the spreadsheet model (paired with the button switched on) allows the user to stop a simulation run early, i.e. before the designated number of samples in Simulation Settings have been completed. Whilst the LogicalTestValue remains FALSE, ModelRisk will continue to generate new samples. As soon as the LogicalTestValue is TRUE, or the number of samples set in the Simulation Settings dialog has been completed, ModelRisk will stop the simulation.

The function returns “Continue simulation” until the stop condition has been encountered, and then returns “Halt simuation” when the condition has been met.



The VoseSimStop function has a wide variety of applications:

  1. Stop a simulation when a particular scenario has been generated. For example =VoseSimStop(IF(A1>1000,True,FALSE)) halts the simulation the first time that cell A1 returns a value greater than 1000.


  2. Stop a simulation when a level of precision has been achieved. For example, =VoseSimStop(VosePrecisionMean(A1,2.7,99%)) halts the simulation when the mean of the random variable in cell A1 has reached a level of precision of 2.7 with 99% confidence.


Behavior with several VoseSimStop functions in the same worksheet

When two or more VoseSimStop functions are present, ModelRisk will halt the simulation the first time that the conditions for all VoseSimStop functions has been met. When a simulation begins and at least one VoseSimStop function is present, the following pop up appears:

This pop up lists the conditions of each VoseSimStop function within the spreadsheet by name. If one of the Precision control functions has been used as a stopping condition, ModelRisk will also estimate the number of additional samples that are needed before each and all conditions will be met.