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Trend plot

Trend plots are used to illustrate how a random variable may change over time (e.g. sales, exchange rates, stick prices). In order to create a Trend plot one must first have defined a set of cells as an input or output array.

The following is an example of a Trend plot for the variable Net Income showing the trend and range of the forecast estimate from 2016 (period index 1) to 2025 (period index 10). The plot was generated from NPV of a capital investment model which will show you how the VoseOutput function was used to create the array:

The horizontal axis shows the series order and labels for individual variables within the series. The vertical axis shows the possible values the variables may take. In this example, the selected percentiles are 1, 25, 75 and 99 with mean as the central measure (the other option being the P50, i.e. the 50th percentile). Where these appear has been added to the plot.

The format of the plot can be comprehensively adjusted by clicking on the various control buttons in the Trend Options tab:

The following editing tabs are available: