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Interpolate Calculation

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The Interpolate calculation uses linear interpolation to return a dependent variable value given data and an independent variable value.

The function searches for the nearest values in independent above and below Value, finds the corresponding values in dependent and interpolates between them.

To see the output functions of this window, click here.

Window elements

Interpolate parameters

In the Value field you can specify for which independent value you want to calculate the interpolated dependent value.

In the Independent field you can provide the array of independent values.

In the Dependent field you can provide the array of dependent values. Note that both these arrays need to be of the same size.

Result, errors and output location

In the result field, the calculated interpolated value is displayed.

This value can be inserted in the spreadsheet cells provided in the Output location field, by pressing the OK button.

For explanations about other fields, buttons, graphs and summary statistics tables in this window, see Common elements of ModelRisk windows.

Useful tips and tricks

See also: Graphics, workflow and error handling in ModelRisk

Using View Function to return to a window

The output of ModelRisk windows always corresponds to VoseFunctions (the functions ModelRisk adds to Excel) being entered into one or more spreadsheet cells.

You can always re-open the window for a ModelRisk function that is in a spreadsheet cell by using View Function. Select the spreadsheet cell and then select View Function from the ModelRisk menu/toolbar/ribbon.