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See also: The mean, VoseMoments, VoseVariance, VoseKurtosis

VoseMean(Distribution Object)



Example model

Returns the mean of a distribution object. If an exact formula exists, this will be used.

For example, VoseMean(VoseNormalObject(10,1)) will return the value 10 because the mean of a normal distribution is equal to its first parameter .

Note that for each available distribution we have included a Distribution equations topic with the formulas for the mean, variance, skewness and kurtosis (if they exist): for example Normal equations.

The mean of a distribution, also known as the expected value, is given by:

                                        for discrete variables

                                  for continuous variables

The mean is known as the first moment about zero. It can be considered to be the 'centre of gravity' of the distribution. If one was to cut out the probability density function drawn on a piece of card, the mean is the value at which the distribution would balance.