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Simulation Progress Control



Clicking on the ‘Start’ button, or ‘Start Simulation’ in the Start drop down menu, will begin a simulation run.

The simulation progress control appears when one is running a simulation.


The control provides information on:

• How many simulations have been completed;

• How many samples have been completed for the current simulation;

• The number of samples that are being generated per second. This is useful if one is comparing the performance of different ways one might build a model, or the relative performance of different computers;

• The time that has elapsed since the simulation run started;

• The estimated time still needed to complete the simulation run; and

• The estimated time at which the simulation run will finish.

The three buttons at the bottom allow you to control the running of the simulation:

pauses the simulation run. When clicked it toggles to  which will then continue the simulation run

stops the simulation run. The results of the optimization completed up to that moment are then displayed in the Simulation Results window.

refreshes Excel with each sample, so you can see values being generated in real time. When clicked it toggles to which will then suppress the Excel refreshing.

You can also have ModelRisk refresh the Simulation Results window with each sample from the beginning of a simulation by selecting the Start Demo option under the Start menu: