Saving the Tamara model | Vose Software

Saving the Tamara model

Tamara builds a replicate of the imported Primavera or Project model. It does not change, nor is it connected to, the original model file. This is important as it means that there is only one place where you need to change the schedule structure. It also means that your project plan is kept save from any unexpected changes.

When you have completed adding risks and uncertainty to the schedule in Tamara, you can save a Tamara file for the project by selecting File | Save from the main Tamara menu. Tamara will then save a file with a .tam extension in your chosen directory.

You can save your model during development of course, and go back to it to make additional changes by selecting File | Open.

You can create a different version of your model by selecting File | Save As and assigning a different name in the usual way.

You can pin a model to the Recent Projects list by clicking the little pin icon  next to the file name. This will keep the model at the top of the Recent Projects list until you unpin it by clicking the pinned icon .