VoseOptRequirementBetween | Vose Software


See also: VoseOptRequirementEquals, VoseOptRequirementMax, VoseOptRequirementMin

VoseOptRequirementBetween( Name, Statistic, MinValue, MaxValue, Enabled )



Example model

This function is used to mark calculation cells with the dual bound requirements.

Name - Requirement Name

Statistic - Requirement statistic. Available options are: "Mean","Median","Min","Max","StDev","Variance","Range","Skewness","Kurtosis","CofV","FinValue". Can also take VoseOptPercentile, VoseOptCVARx or VoseOptCVARp functions.

MinValue - Lower bound of the requirement

MaxValue - Upper bound of the requirement

Enabled - Set to TRUE if requirementis Enabled

For more information about this function refer to the topic on Optimization Simulation Requirements.