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Find Vose Functions

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Use Find VoseFunction to look up and select all the spreadsheet cells containing a certain VoseFunction, and then apply any desired formatting to these cells.

Spreadsheet models can easily get very complex, with many cells containing distributions rather than deterministic values/formulas, other cells containing inputs, other cells containing outputs of interest, etc.

It is good practice to differ between all of these visually: apply a different formatting to cells depending on what they contain.

The Find VoseFunctions window can be a help in keeping your Risk Analysis models clear and easy to maintain.

Window elements

In the Find field you can indicate what VoseFunction to search for. If left blank (default) all VoseFunctions corresponding to the selected check boxes will be searched.

Mark to appropriate Area to indicate whether you want to look in the active sheet only (default) or in the entire workbook.

By marking the Categories checkboxes you can indicate to look for entire categories of VoseFunctions. For example, if you mark Distributions then cells containing VoseNormal, VoseBeta, etc... will be included.

Press the Find Next button to select the next spreadsheet cell that matches the selected criteria.

Press the Apply button to apply the selected formatting (fill color, and font formatting) to all spreadsheet cells matching the selected criteria.

With the Undo button you can undo the applied formatting.