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Vose Ogive window

See also: Distributions in ModelRisk, Ogive distribution

The Vose Ogive window provides an aid for inserting an Ogive distribution in the model. While this can be done with the Insert Distribution window as well, this can be impractical because of the many parameters this distribution takes. After all, it is entirely defined by an array of data points.

To see the output functions of this window, click here.

Window Elements

In the Ogive parameters are you can enter a minimum and a maximum for the distribution, as well as an array of values. Multiple values can (and typically do) occur in this array, and will be assigned a greater probability in the Ogive distribution.

Mark the Uncertainty checkbox to use bootstrapping techniques to include uncertainty in the constructed distribution. This would be the Ogive equivalent of the Uncertainty parameter that is found in all ModelRisk distribution functions.

If uncertainty is included, you can mark the number of chart lines to display on the preview graph.

For explanations about other fields, buttons, graphs and summary statistics tables in this window, see Common elements of ModelRisk windows.

Useful tips and tricks

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Using View Function to return to a window

The output of ModelRisk windows always corresponds to VoseFunctions (the functions ModelRisk adds to Excel) being entered into one or more spreadsheet cells.

You can always re-open the window for a ModelRisk function that is in a spreadsheet cell by using View Function. Select the spreadsheet cell and then select View Function from the ModelRisk menu/toolbar/ribbon.